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Welcome to Ledger Works' platform documentation!

Our primary goal is to increase the monitoring capabilities and security posture of blockchain users and protocols.

Today our platform has two forms of rules:

  • Time-Series Rules, which allow for advanced integrations, monitoring, and alerting at scale. Filter, group by, evaluate time-series functions, and set conditions against our blockchain metrics in real-time and be notified.
  • Stream Rules which provide access to basic continuous monitoring & alerting at scale. Filter by any property available on a transaction and be notified.

Currently, both our Stream Rules and Time-Series Rules are under heavy development cycles. Our engineers are excited to bring new features to you daily/weekly/month! We take an incredible amount of pride in the advancement of our product and the ecosystem as a whole.

Please reach out to us if you have suggestions, feedback, compliments, or even complaints! We look forward to any and all engagement with the community!

To stay on top of the latest and greatest, find us at the links below.