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Getting Started

Time-series Rules Features

Our time-series rules, dashboards, and search features allow for advanced integrations, monitoring, and alerting at scale. Filter, group by, evaluate time-series functions, and set conditions against our blockchain metrics in real-time and be notified.

At a high-level we:

  1. Automatically ingest all data on chain for supported blockchains. This includes transactions, decoded contract calls, and decoded contract logs.
  2. Provide an engine to record custom metrics. This allows dyamically adding protocol-specific data to our database to gain domain-specific insights
  3. Provide a flexible rules engine; this engine can run on matched transactions as they occur. These rules allow monitoring and alerting as soon as interesting events occur.
  4. Provide a dashboarding framework; dashboards allow quickly obtaining insights about current and historical activity on-chain

Example use-cases:

  • Create a dashboard showing smart contract invocations over time alongside price changes to relevant tokens
  • Create an alert that immediately notifies when an important account balance drops below 3 AVAX (Avalanche example).
  • Anything else you can dream up

In addition to our standard ingestion for all transactions, [contract calls](/time-series/data-catalog/tables/#contract_calls, etc) on supported chains, we also can help you setup custom metrics to obtain even more insight into what is happening on your protocol in real-time.

Create an API Token

To use our Time Series Rules API, all you need is an API token.

See Create API Token.

The token should be passed in the Authorization header of requests to the Time Series Rules API. See Using Your API Token for examples.

Currently only paid users can create API tokens. Contact Us if you are interested in gaining access to our API's.

API Docs

See our API documentation for more details on available endpoints and usage: