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Getting Started

Stream Rules provide real-time notifications for ledger events. Stream Rules work by applying user-created rules to every transaction. When a transaction matches a rule’s criteria, a notification is sent to a user-configured webhook destination. Notifications are typically sent within seconds of data hitting the ledger.

Stream Rules are created for specific ledger events including smart contract calls, token mints, transfers, and burns. Every rule is scoped to one transaction type and an predicate filter. This filter ensures the subscriber will not be overwhelmed by extraneous ledger events. Examples of predicate filters:

  • A rule targeting HCS submit messages requires a topic ID predicate filter
  • A rule targeting token transfer requires a token ID

Create an API Token

To use our Stream Rules API, all you need is an API token. See Create API Token. The token should be passed in the Authorization header of requests to the Stream Rules API. See Using Your API Token for examples.

Currently only paid users can create API tokens. Contact Us if you are interested in gaining access to our API's.

API Docs

We currently have Hedera mainnet and testnet APIs, but will be adding more chains soon. See our API documentation for more details on available endpoints and usage: